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   Phone: 866.921.8004
Proceeds from Every Project are Used to Help Families in Need

Please stay tuned for the additional locations for 2nd & 3rd Round of our Masks Giveaway being done in June

If you missed our first round, see a glimpse of our first 10K Mask Giveaway:

Inspiration for our Mission

The Roof4Roof family has lost a beautiful, generous, wonderful friend and team member due to this COVID-19 pandemic.

Guy Sole was a man who brought smiles and a warm heart to everyone he met. He is our inspiration for this 25,000 mask give away. It is our way of giving back, in his honor, so that as few lives as possible will be lost during this crisis.

I would also like to share that I am a survivor of Covid-19 and very blessed to be here today. When you know you are given another chance at life, your priorities become clear again. Serving and giving back is our best chance to bring hope to our community and to those we love!.

May GOD Bless America and all
those affected by this pandemic.

Chuck Anania, President and Founder