Condos & Multi-family Roofs

Feel like every time you get your roof repaired another issue in the roof arises?

Want to have peace of mind that your tenants are dry and protected all year round?

As a landlord, do you need some help with exterior repairs and maintenance?

Roof Installation & Repairs

Roof4Roof will handle all of your roofing and exterior needs including repairs, maintenance and full replacement projects. Your project can be a small, medium or large multi-family. Whether you are located in Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Middlesex or Morris County, we can take care of ALL of your needs. Not to mention, we also service other areas in Northern Jersey.

For over 30 years, and with over 20 Million square feet of Roofing, Siding and Waterproofing installed, we cater to multi-family and condominium association clients by providing reliable service.

Our extensive experience and complete insurance coverage, for your protection, are just two other important reasons you should consider working with Roof4Roof.

Roof Maintenance

We all know how important it is to keep residents and tenants safe under your roof. Roof maintenance is the best way to ensure that they are always safe.

Roof4Roof offers regular roof maintenance plans where our professionals come and inspect to make sure all is in tact, so you do no ever have to worry about it. They will provide any roof repairs, if necessary, so that your roof is always performing at its best. We offer quarterly, semi-annual, or annual affordable plans to stay on top of your roof, and avoid big future blows.

You can have a peace of mind, and check one thing off your worries with a roof maintenance plan to protect and provide safety to those who occupy your space, also leaving you with less liability.

Our Credentials
For your peace of mind, we are official members with the most remarkable home and apartment associations in the state of New Jersey:



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When requesting this service online, you are also getting…

A detailed roof inspection that may also include these items below, if needed:

Moisture Detection

During initial inspection, infrared tools help us detect and locate damages in your roof generated by wet areas on waterproof membrane.

Drone Inspection & Satellite Report

Our top of the line drones give us the most detailed and accurate diagnostic of your roof, in order to estimate the job accurately.

Written Reports & Photos

Focalized and satellite pictures, along with a descriptive report make sure you get a full view of your problems before you start planning your next project.

Exterior Services

Along with your multi-family or condominium project, you may be interested in checking out our exterior services