Flat Roofs

Roof leaks not only lead to serious interior damage but also business interruption, and critical situations for tenants. Fixing flat roof issues demands swift action and an experienced commercial roofing technician who knows what to do.

Fully trained and certified with 8 major manufacturers, Roof4Roof is experienced and equipped to offer you the best products and systems for your specific flat roof/low slope needs.

Flat roofs perform very well but must be inspected 2 to 4 times a year depending on the size of the roof, for membrane cracks and other signs of damage or deterioration to the roof and its components/penetrations. If your roof is in poor condition then any repairs would only be temporary. We will work with you and devise a recommended plan of action to bring your roof back to its intended optimal condition.

Also ask about our 4EVER ROOF SYSTEM which includes up to 40 years of unparalleled protection for your peace of mind.

Hire a company that cares about your roof, as much as you do.

In order to keep your flat roof looking and performing its best as well as prevent any substantial damage and extend its lifespan for years to come, we suggest inspections and regular maintenance prior and after any harsh weather conditions, such as storms, strong winds and heavy snowfall.

When harsh weather isn’t a concern, roof inspections should be performed regularly by a roofing expert, ideally on a semiannual basis (spring and fall). Maintenance procedures make early issues manageable before they become a major problem.

For your peace of mind, we’re happy to provide you with a free inspection and written proposal, along with an infrared and moisture report, if necessary.

When replacing your roof investing a little more in a quality warranty frees you from early repair costs or replacements due to material failure.

Coating systems can be useful for re-roofing, renovations, replacements and recovery applications. Divided into two basic types such as rolled on or spray systems that might require special equipment. Rather than trying to manipulate larger cumbersome materials (often requiring cranes) these products are more portable, and easier to apply. For property owners who want to simply extend the life of their roof 5 or 10 years, without the expense and frustration of total roof replacement, roof coatings can be a viable option for many property owners.

Roof4Roof offers an unbeatable 40 year material warranty for EPDM and 15-25 years for modified bitumen torch applied systems.

With over 20 million square feet of roofing and related products installed since 1990, you can feel confident that you are working with an industry leader.

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