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Skylights Repairs

The five basic types of skylights are fixed, venting, roof windows, sun tunnels, and architectural. The common applications are either deck or curb mounted. Fixed skylights are an economical choice for visually expanding areas such as hallways, stairwells, and other closed-in dark spaces. Vented skylights are available in both manual and electrical styles.

The manual unit is operated with either a hand crank or extension pole, while the electrical or motorized skylight is usually operated via a remote control or wall-mounted switch. A venting skylight brings in natural light and fresh air into the home. They truly bring a unique aesthetic to your home or business, as well as other benefits. We are fully equipped and qualified with the world’s largest skylight and hatch manufacturers for your peace of mind.

Skylights Maintenance

Though they are a great feature to have in your roof, we do have to keep in mind that skylights do require proper cleaning procedures to keep features leak-free and protected from damages. By keeping these considerations in mind, give your skylights deep cleaning once or twice per year for the best performance in function. This internal and external cleaning involves removing accumulated debris, dust and spider webs.

Roof4Roof has the expertise, equipment and knowledge to repair, maintain, clean and replace your skylights and hatches keeping them beautiful and operational.

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