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Chimney Repairs

In terms of chimney repairs, we recommend you have yours checked and cleaned by a professional chimney contractor at least once each year. If you heat with wood, or if there are special circumstances where your chimney system warrants it, you should definitely have the chimney checked more frequently. Long, slow burns or the use of green or wet wood can create deposits very quickly, especially in older, less efficient stoves. These deposits if left unchecked can lead to chimney fires. A great way to keep your chimney repair cost down is with annual maintenance.

Keep in mind that common chimney repair problems include wet stains on masonry, water in the firebox, and foul smells coming from the fireplace. You may also notice structural damages such as crumbling on the roof, leaning chimneys, missing bricks, or black staining at the top of the chimney. Other common chimney issues could be damaged chimney caps, cracks in the chimney crown, flashing problems, chimney liner damage or even Issues inside the flue. As a leading chimney company, Roof4Roof can repair, replace or rebuild your chimney as needed, taking care of all of these types of problems.

As chimney specialists, pointing, plastering, flashing and waterproofing are all services we can provide for your peace of mind. Feel free to ask for your chimney repair costs and additional maintenance plans!

Chimney Maintenance

You may have a brick, block, stone, vinyl or metal chimney. No matter the type, regular maintenance of it is essential to ensure its good performance and to keep your roof free from leaks and unwanted animal infestation. Additionally, regular inspections and cleaning of your fireplace is necessary to avoid chimney fires and other types of damage.

Most residential and commercial owners overlook masonry chimney maintenance beyond the occasional flue cleaning. However, it is wise to keep in mind that ignoring your chimney can cost you BIG time. In some extreme cases, your chimney may need to be replaced entirely. Often, this is necessary when your chimney has deteriorated to the point that it becomes a structural liability for your home.

Preventing a leaning chimney is the best way to prevent your building from collapsing and not being strong enough to support the rest of the structure. Whatever kind of chimney you have, always hire Roof4Roof, the exterior project specialist.

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