Slate, Tile and Copper Restoration

Often referred to as “the best roofs ever built”, natural slate and terracotta roofs are not only long lasting roof systems, which can exceed a hundred years of performance but also add beauty and status to your property. Roof4Roof is fully equipped to repair, maintain and replace all types of natural slate, synthetic slate and terracotta, of any color and shape. We also install snow guards systems and maintain your essential copper flashing details, which are part of most slate/tile roofs.

As members of the Slate Roofing Contractors Association for many years and as approved vendors with the Archdiocese and Diocese, we have been privileged to restore and maintain hundreds of churches and private homes throughout northern and central New Jersey. We’re happy to provide you with a free inspection and written proposal, along with a drone and satellite report, if necessary.

These systems more so than any other, must have a professional to install and maintain them. Like we said earlier, a qualified slate roofing contractor or tile roofing contractor can be difficult to find. Most performance issues relative to these systems are due to improper workmanship and not material defects. On existing slate and tile roofs, it’s a good idea to have them inspected at least once a year, looking for obvious defects like slipping pieces or delamination of the surface.

Investing a little more in a quality installation frees you from early repairs and replacements due to poor installation.

Coatings, especially useful for re-roofing, renovations, replacements and recover applications are divided into two basic types such as rolled on or spray systems that might require special equipment. Rather than trying to manipulate larger cumbersome materials (often requiring cranes) these products are more portable, and easier to apply. For property owners who want to simply extend the life of their roof 5 or 10 years, without the expense and frustration of total roof demolition, roof coatings can be a viable option for many property owners.

Roof4Roof offers an unbeatable 40 year material warranty for EPDM and 15-25 years for modified bitumen torch applied systems.

With over 20 million square feet of roofing and related products installed since 1990, you can feel confident that you are working with an industry leader.

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