Aluminum Trim

When it comes to applying improvements around your property, it is important to know the proper pieces of siding trim you should use. Before you begin choosing the right siding trim, or trying to decide if finishing siding or outdoor trim is best for your project.

In order to get a better understanding of the topic, you need to know the terms of siding and what they mean:


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Area below or inside of the rafters. It is the outside of the buildings and must be protected from the weather or pests.

  • Soffit W-Mold
  • Soffit W-Mold Vent
Drip Cap
Piece of siding trim that is used to deflect water away from the top of vertical siding preventing any water or moisture from getting in behind the siding.

  • Drip Stop
  • Drip Screed Vent (2-Piece)

Used to determine the location on a piece of trim, designed to accept the insertion of a piece of siding.

  • Plaster Channel Screed
  • Smooth Finish Channel

Trim pieces used to help finish the look of the building. This provides an aesthetic finished edge to a siding panel or soffit panels.

Weep Holes

Introduced into a siding panel or trim piece, these holes allow the water to drain away from the panel.

  • Weeping Expansion Reveal
  • Weeping Reveal

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