Pointing & Waterproofing

Noticing a significant amount of areas on your commercial property that are damaged and look troublesome?

Church needs repairs to bring it back to life?

The last hurricane or rain storms got you stressed from water entering your interior?

Pointing & Waterproofing Repairs

Brick pointing, tuck pointing and waterproofing are all essential services that we offer to keep the elements out of your home, commercial building or church.

Brick, stucco and other masonry systems need regular maintenance to function properly. Roof4Roof are fully equipped and trained to diagnose, repair and maintain any exterior wall system you currently have. Since 1990, Roof4Roof has repaired and replaced over 20 million square feet of exterior finishes, a mention that we are very proud of.

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Pointing & Waterproofing Replacements

At Roof4Roof, we offer waterproofing services to upgrade, makeover and provide the utmost protection to your property. With more than 30 years of experience within the construction industry in Northern and Central New Jersey, we specialize in roof waterproofing across a wide range of properties in the state.

Pointing & Waterproofing Maintenance

Roof4Roof offers you re-pointing services that conserve the integrity of any commercial, historical or residential property. In many cases, there are signs of significant damages to the joints between your building’s bricks caused by weathering and decay water entering through the property. Keep in mind that it is essential to also employ the same pointing techniques originally used. Roof4Roof specializing in these repairs, offering you peace of mind that this will be done professionally and properly.

We are happy to provide you with a free inspection and written proposal, along with an infrared and moisture report, if necessary.

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