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Home repair gift comes at high cost in West Milford

WEST MILFORD – They say when it rains, it pours. For Gwendolyn Bernat, the adage could not be more appropriate. Bernat, a 56-year-old mother of three, survived a near fatal bout with sepsis following a diagnosis of bi-lateral breast cancer about...


NJ Contractor Recognized for Selfless Giving

NJ CONTRACTOR RECOGNIZED FOR SELFLESS GIVING Chuck Anania of Roof4Roof Presented NJ Assembly Resolution for Humanitarianism On Tuesday, August 1, business owner Chuck Anania was presented with a New Jersey General Assembly resolution recognizing...


Everyone is important: Penn Station, Newark

Some people close their eyes when they walk the streets in N.J. but Chuck rides around to see who is in need of food and a warm blanket for the holidays. The act of LOVE is served with an ACTION. Every person counts and should be treated with...


The true meaning of Christmas: Menga, Colombia

We all love the holidays, time to relax and enjoy the family. But the true meaning of Christmas is helping and giving to those in need.  When it comes to roofs, every nation speaks the same language and no one should be without a roof. Roof4Roof...