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Photo courtesy of New York Blood Center

NJBS & Roof4Roof urge the public to donate to replenish the community’s critically low blood supply.

Carlstadt, NJ (July 12, 2017) – Carlstadt contractor Roof4Roof has joined forces with the New Jersey Blood Services (NJBS) to host a blood drive on Tuesday, August 1st. The blood drive will take place at the Roof4Roof headquarters at 520 Route 17 South in Carlstadt from 2PM to 8PM.

NJBS’s parent company, the New York Blood Center, recently declared a blood emergency and is asking the public to please find time to donate blood. In order to maintain a safe blood supply a seven-day inventory of all types must be continually replenished. Local blood supply has reached a critically low level, with under a two-day supply of O negative, B negative, and A negative.

Roof4Roof places a large emphasis on giving back. A portion of proceeds from every project they complete are used to help families in need with free emergency home repair and roofing.

“Many of the families we help have experienced financial hardship due to medical-related issues” said Chuck Anania, president and founder of Roof4Roof. “Therefore, we are happy to support them in more ways than just roofing by hosting this blood drive.”

All donors will receive a $10 Amazon gift card as a thank you for donating. Donors are asked to bring ID and to eat before donating. Eligibility guidelines can be found at www.nybloodcenter.org. To register for an appointment to donate blood on August 1st, visit www.Tinyurl.com/Roof4Roof. Walk-ins are also welcome.

About Blood Donations

The entire donation process takes less than an hour and a single donation can be used to save multiple lives. Donors with O-negative blood type, or “universal donors,” are especially encouraged to donate, as their blood can be used in emergencies. Nearly 2,000 donations are needed each day in New York and New Jersey alone. About one in seven hospital admissions requires a blood transfusion, and with a limited shelf life, supplies must be continually replenished.

About New York Blood Center

Now more than 50 years old, the New York Blood Center is a nonprofit organization that is one of the largest independent, community-based blood centers in the country. Each year, NYBC provides approximately one million blood products to nearly 200 hospitals in the Northeast.

About Roof4Roof

Roof4Roof is a for-profit, for-progress roofing and remodeling company with an extreme emphasis on giving back. Proceeds from every project are used to help families in need, at no charge to the customer. Their services include repairing, maintaining and replacing all type of roofs, siding, chimneys, stucco, skylights, painting, flooring, gutters, masonry, paving, and welding services. Over the past 25 years, Roof4Roof has installed over 15,000,000 square feet of roofing, siding, and remodeling services. To learn more about Roof4Roof explore our website or call 866-921-8004 to schedule an appointment.

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