Winter-Proof your commercial building

Tips to Winter-Proof Your Building


When winter rolls around, complete with rain, freezing temperatures, ice, and snow, Winter-Proof your commercial building!

Every season poses different challenges for a building, such as heavy rain in spring and sweltering heat in summer. Winter weather especially can wreak havoc on a building and tenants if you’re unprepared. From pipes bursting to tenants slipping on ice to the roof leaking, winter brings many potential pitfalls.

Get your building ready for winter ahead of time to minimize the risk of cold weather challenges. Here are three steps to help ensure your building is prepared.


Line Up Winter Vendors


For many properties it’s not practical to take care of all the common winter service and maintenance projects yourself. You may need to remove snow, fix pipes that burst, and more. In most cases you need service vendors to help. But if you don’t already have these vendors lined up, your building could potentially go days or even weeks without necessary service when it counts, which doesn’t exactly increase tenant satisfaction. Finding the right vendors often means going through a competitive bid process, which involves writing requests, communicating with vendors, and comparing proposals. Naturally, when you consider contractors qualifications, you’ll always bid to get the best and the fastest solutions required.


Conduct Regular Inspections & Maintenance


Winter weather puts a strain on buildings and equipment. Snow, ice, and freezing temperatures can cause roof leaks, boiler problems, and more. So without regular inspections, you’re likely to miss small problems until they become much bigger—and more expensive to resolve. Think replacing a boiler or fixing a hole in a roof.

Building inspections and maintenance plans with the correct contractor are designed to help you make the preventative process cost effective so you fix problems before replacements are required, saving money and keeping tenant satisfaction high.


Easily Winter Proof Your Building


To get your building ready for winter. Line up winter vendors and conduct regular inspections to get in front of equipment problems.


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