Aluminum is the ideal material for your property!

When choosing aluminum, you are obtaining  longevity over all. Aluminum can withstand the elements and won’t warp or mold over time. Aluminum trims will also help your building look like new.

Aluminum material advantages:

  • Extreme temperatures will never alter the installation bloating, rotting or molding it if using aluminum materials that have been installed by professionals. 
  • Since aluminum doesn’t get moldy or soft over the years, insects or exterior animals find it impossible to chew or use as habitat.
  • Aluminum exterior installations reduce energy cost by keeping the inside cooler during the summer months
  • Aluminum terminations Increase properties value by enhancing curb appeal and adding detailed accents

Aluminum work over specific surfaces, windows and doors awning services along with trim and fascia. With over 30 years of experience in all areas of residential, industrial, commercial, multi-family properties and church renovations, you can feel confident that you’re working with an industry leader who offers the right solutions to fit nearly any budget.

While wood does serve as an option for finishing trim, it is not the best because of warping and molding:

  • The first one happens when one side of the trim dries faster than the other. Giving a not-so-eye-pleasing effect to your trim. (Warping)
  • The second one occurs when weather tortue wood finishing trims due to weather changes. After several days of rain or snow, boards will slowly begin to rot and will need to be replaced. (Molding)

Roof4Roof is happy to help you choose the best trim to make your commercial, industrial, residencial or multi-family building look as good as new for years to come.

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