Sheltering Families in Need

At ROOF4ROOF, we use proceeds from every completed project to help struggling families. To date, Roof 4 Roof has helped more than 700 families in the US and abroad. The latest family to benefit from their generosity is the Edmonds family of Bergenfield.

“One of life’s most basic needs is shelter. Keeping a safe, dry roof over their family’s heads has become increasingly difficult for many homeowners” says Roof 4 Roof President & Founder Chuck Anania.

Recently, Habitat for Humanity contacted ROOF4ROOF about a Bergenfield resident, Michelle Edmonds, who needed a new roof. The organization had learned her story from Edmonds’ neighbor.

“For two years we couldn’t use our kitchen because if it rained, it rained in the kitchen” says Edmonds of the condition of her previous roof.

ROOF4ROOF were honored to step up to assist Edmonds, a breast cancer survivor, after hearing her story.

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Roof 4 Roof is a for-profit, for-progress roofing and remodeling company with an extreme emphasis on giving back. Their services include repairing, maintaining and replacing all type of roofs, siding, chimneys, stucco, skylights, gutter/drain systems, masonry work, paving, and energy-saving products and services.

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